Do you have backup equipment? What happens if something breaks down in the middle of a wedding or party and there is no music?
Your day comes once, and it’s gone. Equipment failure has never happened with the sound, commercial grade equipment we use. But it can happen. Anytime, anywhere, with even new and expensive gear. We believe in planning for “worst-case” scenarios and therefore, are always ready if that time ever comes, to keep the music playing and transition in the backup gear without your guests even knowing. Onsite at every event is a full backup DJ system with mixer and speakers, cables etc. Millhouse Sound Events DJ’s events with our music library of nearly 1,000 CD’s as well as laptops with over 15,000 songs on them integrated into our mixers. Every mobile entertainer should use both. They back each other up. Simply stated, we just believe that you, the client, is paying a lot of money for your big day that comes once. I have heard just a couple of horror stories of weddings where the “DJ had problems with his equipment.” To us, that’s a couple too many. You don’t want to even try to imagine a room full of two or three hundred guests, dressed formally, looking around wondering what happened to the music. It cannot happen at your event if you choose Millhouse Sound Events. Ask any prospective DJ company you are considering hiring if they are prepared for situations like this. Many are not.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured with Traveler’s Insurance for liability and property damage, as many venues require it. And no, we have not had any claims on our behalf nor had any
filed against us!

Can we come see you perform at an event?
Each event is a private event, especially weddings. We don’t think you would want any strangers stepping into your special day and that is common practice for some mobile entertainers in order to increase the chances of landing a client. It is not something we allow. Most of the events done by Millhouse Sound Events come from referrals. We encourage you to check out the “Videos” and “testimonials” section of our web page and feel free to contact any of the clients via e-mail, for a referral, or make an appointment to meet with me.

How much do you charge for an event?
Occasionally, I get inquiries from clients where there first question is “how much do you charge?” I need a few questions answered before I can quote a price. For weddings and corporate events especially, there are several factors affecting pricing. Sometimes cocktail hour is in a separate location, requiring a second sound system.
Some brides and grooms require the DJ to provide a P.A. system for their ceremony, with wireless lavaliere mics for the vows and the officiant, as well as music for the ceremony. Wedding receptions also vary in length. For non-wedding events, Team Trivia (good for corporate events) requires office supplies in addition to making up questions. We understand each client has a targeted budget and pricing should be important. I also would rather work for a client who wants our services because they have either witnessed one of our events in person, or have heard great things about us from friends or relatives who’ve attended an event DJ’d by us. In other words, I’d rather DJ for a client who is more interested in our services because they believe that we will keep the dance floor going, know when to play the right songs at the right time, and their guests will thoroughly enjoy their event, rather than they just think that we are cheaper than the other DJ company they talked to. Remember, you really do get what you pay for. Some Mobile Entertainers charge more than we do, some charge less. You can either contact us directly for a price quote, or fill out our online planner in order to obtain pricing for your event. I meet with potential clients in person on a regular basis. I never ask for a signed contract on the spot, but ask the clients to think about what was discussed, decide on their own, and get back to us. There’s never any pressure.

Do you take music requests?
Of course we do. I believe it is our job, as mobile entertainers, to do three things, especially at a wedding. 1.) Play the songs the bride and groom, or client want to hear. 2.) Play what we believe, from our experience, will keep the guests having fun and dancing the entire time. 3.) Take and work in requests from your guests during the event, while diplomatically filtering out any songs that we, as experienced DJ’s, believe will kill the dance floor, or any songs that you, the client may have on a “do not play list.”

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