Whether you are looking to rent a Professional Public Address System with a Mixer, Microphone, and Speakers on Stands for your party, or you want a DJ for a 30th birthday party, a 50th wedding anniversary for your parents, a Team Trivia corporate event so your employees can blow off some steam together outside the cubicles, or are selecting a wedding DJ for the most special day of your new life together, Millhouse Sound Events services your needs. Many weddings I DJ end with the guests chanting “one more song! One more song!” To us that means two things. We’ve done our job as a DJ and have played great songs at the right times throughout the night. It also means We’ve had a great fun crowd, to make the event a fun wedding.

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One of the hottest and newest trends in events and weddings today, event uplighting consists of wireless, incandescent (they DO NOT conduct heat) LED lights placed strategically and discreetly around your venue, under tables, on the floors around the room behind curtains and such. The wireless lights are remotely controlled and can be subtly transitioned from one soft color to another as the evening progresses.

Many wedding and event venues such as hotels, function halls or country clubs, tend to have a bland beige or off white color wall paper, no natural light or windows, and can flat out be dank in appearance. You have to see this trend in action to see how much difference a change in ambience and mood can be provided by uplighting.

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